Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twin update...

Age:  3 months, 4 weeks...adjusted age = 2 months or 9 weeks on Thurs!

Height/Weight:We went for a weigh-in and innoculations NOT like the innoculation part and hearing my poor little babies screaming after each injection. And they had to have three! Not great. Poor little Rebecca was inconsolable for ages and she then got a temperature and was not herself. On the weight front however they have done fabulously!  Both have put on about a kg in the last 4 weeks. Rebecca weighs almost 5kg and Finn is almost 6kg at 5.8kg. He is getting so heavy now and both are putting on fat and looking more chubby like real cute!

Developmental notes: The twins are doing so well...growing and becoming more interactive each day. There are loads of smiles now and gurgles and cooing noises.  Finn is more vocal and has a whole range of chuckles and sounds. Rebecca tries to "talk" with more gentle sounds. They both focus fully on you and track movement nicely. They have started grabbing things in front of them and are beginning to discover their hands. Rebecca especially is very strong with her neck muscles and holding her head up.  Finn is also good but more floppy. I think Becs is quite tense muscularly and we may take her to a physio - she just seems too tight sometimes and always stretching and rigid - it is almost as if she wants to start walking aready!

Eating:Still expressing my is such a chore but I am so happy to be doing what I can to ensure the babies get breast milk. We are half BM half formula - on S26 Gold. Despite the guides saying that they should be increasing their feeds now with weight gain - I am struggling to get them to eat more than they are. Rebecca is on 90ml (should be 110ml) and Finn on 120ml (should be 130ml) and they dont finish their bottles sometimes. This is distressing when it is BM :( - wasting momma's gold lol!

Sleep: They are sleeping well and in a nice routine most of the time.  They nap during the day for about 4-6 hours and then sleep from 7h30/8pm until we wake them at 10h30 for a feed.  They then sleep until about 2am.  Sometimes we have to wake Rebecca still at the 2am feed - usually Finn is the one to wake first.  We tried the Sleepsense method of leaving them to wake naturally but it was woke at 12, the other at 1am and then again at 3 or 4 am...and they were fully awake so getting them back to sleep was hectic - NOT fun for the parent on night duty!  We decided to stick with Gina Ford and least we more or less know what to expect then.  
Finn has stopped his constant grunting from 4am however he sometimes wakes up early moaning and crying but usually can go back to sleep until feeding time at 6am. More than not, I fetch him to sleep in bed with me rather than listen to the moans or risk him waking Rebecca. So on an off-night, you get 6 to 61/2 hours sleep and on duty anything from 3 to 5 1/2 hours. I am dreading going back to work beginning Feb with constant lack of sleep - babies please start sleeping through soon!!! They have started being more active sleepers though and ruffle up their nests or work out of their swaddles so sometimes you find them with the blankets under their faces or around their heads - not great!  I have just moved all the "nest" things out of their cots and bought sleepsacks to use from now on.

Favourite Things:"Talking" to mum and dad after feeding time lying against their legs in bed. For us, these bonding times are so special - nothing beats having your baby smile at you and coo sweet sounds in response to your talking.

Dislikes: Being made to finish a bottle of mums BM when they don't feel like it lol!

Their accomplishments: Growing, watching, grabbing, looking, smiling, talking!

Our accomplishments: Getting by with lack of sleep...amazing how you have to!

Looking forward to: Babies sleeping through...

Mommy musings: The babies really like sleeping on their tummies, which is not ideal...with the swaddling going pear-shaped, I have bought sleep sacks which require the babies to sleep on their backs...hope they take to it. Finn is getting pretty good at self soothing himself to sleep from a drowsy state, but Rebecca has to be fast asleep before being put in her cot to sleep...going to need to start working on this with her as she must learn to self soothe in her cot...for down the line this will become tricky.
Our au pair started last week and she is amazing and everything is going so well - so I have decided to return to work early and to use the annual leave I would've used for Feb to leave work early for a few months so that the au pair is not alone in the "crazytime" evenings. I have been in hospital and then with them for the past 5 months and feel ready to go back to work, but I know it is going to be hard and I am going to shed many a tear missing them and wondering why the hell I am working, even though I enjoy my work and need to be fulfilled professionally as will be tough finding the balance and I have no doubt, there will be much agonising to come...


  1. They are doing wonderfully Cam!

    Going back to work is going to be HARD but soon it'll be like it was always like that...


  2. I am lamenting about going back to work too...its soooo hard!

  3. Your little cuties seem to be doing just great.:) I'm glad I didn't have to go back to work so soon, but I'm sure it's like with anything; you'll adapt when you have to.