Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Went to Babyclinic yesterday for a weigh-in and food chat. Finn has put on 900g in 6 weeks and Rebecca 700g.  He weighs 8.2kg and Becca 6.8kg - both doing just great.  Finn is growing like a weed and is already over the average line for his real age!

On the food front, it is so exciting as we can start to add yummy things like cream cheese, tomatoes, onions, finger foods, dried fruits etc  and in a few weeks time, fish and eggs. I am going to make them a yummy chicken, onion and tomato, veg stew with brown rice. I am also going to make hummus and try cream cheese and avo on rice cakes.  Their high chairs will be arriving this week so it is going to be so much fun putting finger foods in front of them and watch what they do.

Oh how I am loving this just gets better and better as they get cuter and cuter.  Both give me slobbery kisses and little Becs holds onto my neck when I hold her in my arms as if she is hugging me. I just can't kiss them enough every day!

Their high chairs coming soon...

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