Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, April 16, 2012

Twin update - 7 months old!

Age: Can you believe the twins will be real age 7 months old this week!  Adjusted age - we have started only adjusting by about a month so we are now saying they are almost 6 months old...Our Paed said that by about a year old we can stop adjusting their ages and they turn one in just 5 months time! Wow.

Height/Weight: Finn must be close to 8kg and Rebecca 7kg - we will weigh them at babyclinic on Monday.

Developmental notes: The advances in the past few weeks have been amazing. Neither can sit completely unsupported yet, but Rebecca is becoming mobile!  Yes, she flips herself onto her tummy and then gets up on all fours and shuffles forwards and backwards. We cannot leave her unsupervised for a minute and especially on the bed now - heaven only knows what I am going to do with them in the mornings when they are both crawling all over the place and I am trying to get ready for work - going to be interesting! She gets so frustrated when she can't move over a bump or when her arms get tired.

And I am up weeeeeeeeee!

And Finn's first tooth is coming through! Such incredible milestones. They are both getting extremely vocal with all sorts of new sounds.  Rebecca has discovered screaming for the sake of it...not because she is upset, just to hear herself screech. She doesn't respond to me saying "shush" lol. She also gets this quizzical look on her little face as if she is really thinking about what you are saying to her. Finn boy is as cute as ever and croons away singing.  He is such a smiley baby and breaks into a wide grin at each look. Rebecca is not as giving with her smiles but she has the most gorgeous laugh when you crack one. It is amazing how unique each one's character is already and I must wonder how much this is influenced from their journey in my womb.  Finn was always comfy, had loads of food and space whereas Rebecca was fighting for her share of food and space and working on developing as quickly as possible as she knew she would have to be born early as the placenta was already taking strain from pre-eclampsia.

Trying to see the tooth!
 Eating: They are both eating so well. It only took Finn a few days and he was eating like a pro. Sometimes especially if they are tired, they cry a bit during mealtimes and then we have to entice them to eat with lots of "Yum Yums" and "Oooooh yummies"! They have three meals a day - cereal, yoghurt and fruit for breakfast.  Meat, veg, yoghurt and fruit for lunch and cereal and fruit for dinner. They have dropped their milk intake by about 200mls or so - both getting about 500-600mls a day now.  They have both struggled with constipation but thankfully the yoghurt seems to be helping that now - we only added this in a few days ago and there was instant relief for Rebecca.  We had a few horrible nights of her screaming in pain from passing poos.
Mmmmm black beans, quinoa, mango and pear!

This eating thing is tricky mum!
Sleep: I am pleased to report that they both seem to be sleeping through again. There have been a few problems here and there but generally we are back to sleep throughs which is fab. Next step is to cut out the 10pm bottle, but we will only do this once their food intake increases.  We will slowly decrease the 10pm bottle in the meantime. DH and I are still sleeping in seperate rooms so that we get a full nights restful sleep every second night.  When on call, the baby monitor still wakes you up everytime they moan or cough - like last night, they woke me at 1h30 and 3am and then Finn woke cramping and crying at 4h30 so I had to fetch him.  It is so blissful when they sleep well and quietly all night long - and we celebrate every night they do!

Favourite Things: Paw-paw is now their favourite thing by far.  Finn makes little whimpering noises and opens his mouth for more and more.  Between the two of them, they ate a whole 1/2 a large paw-paw one lunchtime! They also seem to really like yoghurt.

Dislikes: Neither were too fond of the lamb stew I made - it had baby marrows in it so I think it was a little sour.  But when I added apples and pears, they were much happier about eating it. I hope I am not setting them up for sweet tooths with the fruit and I really hope they are not fussy eaters so we are trying to introduce as many new things as possible now...

Looking forward to: Everything!

Mommy musings: So I have stopped expressing my breastmilk. And it was really sad for me. I decided to stop the Eglanol as I really felt it was time and also I was putting on more weight - a side effect. With that, my milk production halved so I was expressing once a day. They both started losing interest in breastfeeding themselves as soon as they started solids. I really wanted to stop expressing and had a dream that I could just breastfeed if and when I or they wanted to...but they don't really want to anymore.  I still have milk, a week after I have stopped and I am not sure how long it is going to take to dry up. I cannot explain how emotional this has made me feel and I know it is due to the prolactin levels dropping off...I am trying to stop naturally so I don't want to take any meds to dry up my milk. I am sure things will feel better in time...I think this is in part why I also have a lingering desire to have another baby - to be able to do this all again.  But this too shall fade I am sure, in time...

I love my sister....


  1. Gawd Cammy ... those little angels are simply delicious!
    And well done on the milestones!!

  2. Hey there Cam....your little ones are gorgeous.