Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, October 8, 2012

Good nights!

Amazingly, little Becky has been sleeping like a dream.

Since doing sleep training last weekend, she now lets me carry her to her cot and tuck her in without too much fuss and she. Goes. To. Sleep. She whimpers a little as I pick her up sometimes and might let out a little cry as I tuck her in, but that's it.  And she sleeps the next 11 - 12 hours with no complaints.  One night last week she started crying just after 10pm which was strange so I had to go in to check just in case but just resettled her and she was fine.  Now, when we go in to wake her at 06h45, she is sometimes awake chatting to her teddy bear and sometimes still dozing, but in good spirits and absolutely fine.

She started crying during her afternoon nap last week but this has also improved - could be she is just not as sleepy so she objects more when Silvs puts her down.  On the weekend she didn't cry at all, so hopefully she is getting used to it.  We have had sleep-throughs every night for the past week - fabulous! This from dreading the "night on duty" when she would wake up two or three times and we would have to dash into their room so she didn't wake up Finn.  Now as they are seperated, the stress of them waking each other up is gone!  I can't believe what a difference this has made - now we don't feel like we have to run into their room, we can actually wait a little to see how long they cry for before running to them.  Most of the time, if there is a little moaning or crying, it is only for a little while and they they go back to sleep.

I don't like the fact that they are in seperate rooms at all...but if it means peaceful sleeping, then so be it for now.  We will move them back together at some point - maybe when they go into big beds and we make the study their bedroom and playroom...we will see.

Now I just have to get my DH to stop snoring so we can sleep in the same bed again lol!


  1. Isn't life awesome when EVERYONE gets a good night sleep! Glad things are better...except the snoring DH!

  2. Well done Cam. We have to do some sleep training too, I am really dreading it. I just hope it works as quickly for us as it did for you.