Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, October 15, 2012


What is it about vaccinations that make me feel like I am not doing the right thing? The intellectual side of me understands the merits, is conscious of the advantages of protecting our children from possible really serious illnesses and actually agrees with the logic of the herd philosophy. Why then, is the gut instinct, emotional side of me so hesitant, distrusting of the drug company financial motivations and concerned about possible side effects - I mean - no scientific studies have actually been conclusive and despite the outright refute of previous claims about the autism link at the end of the spectrum, I can't help but wonder...are they really okay for my kids and their growing brains and bodies? How do we really know for sure if there are any side effects?

Do. Not. Google. You will find thousands of parent testimonies about how their children were developmentally affected after receiving vaccinations. Very scary stuff. So I ordered a kindle book immediately which I hoped would shed some light on the matter.  Written by a MD, it is not anti vaccination but provides his objective overview based on suggestions about which are must-do and which are optional and why.  Informative yes. But he still indicates that no-one is really really sure if your child is the one in a thousand that could be affected by a vaccination - it really is the risk you take when you immunize. Risk. You. Take. A bit like holding a loaded gun isn't it?

Have you seen all the books on the subject? There are so many conflicting opinions - either pro or anti...or very very anti. Also written by MD's or scientists saying "it is a contravention of basic human rights" to "vaccinations can cause harm - serious harm in some respects" to "are we willing to sacrifice one child so 100 may live and so on..." This hasn't really left me feeling comfortable one way or the other.  I personally know of a story on both sides of the camp - one where a child was not immmunised and died and another where a baby was mistakenly immunised twice with the incorrect dosages and is now in a mental institution.

After receiving the vaccinations for Chicken Pox and Hep B last week, Finn had the strangest response - he didn't cry at all while being injected but that night and the following night he was incredibly hyperactive and we battled to get him to go to sleep. This was completely out of character.  Coincidental or a side-effect?

They have finished the state provided vaccinations and we are supposed to be taking them for a booster shot for pneuccol something and for ear infections - pricey but recommended and then the MMR at 18 months...also private.

How do you know what to do? I mean really know?

How would I feel if my babies were developmentally affected in even a small way from receiving vaccinations which we forced them to have?

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