Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gratitude for the animals in our life

Thank you for the animals in my life.

Savannah, our aging ridgeback/irish wolfhound cross alsation, Tallulah, our eldest cat (13 years), Pye, her daughter (12 years), Asia, our firey Foundation 3 Bengal (1 1/2 years), Persia, our baby Bengal (4 months), our various birds and our tortoise Neroli.

Animals give such unconditional love to you everyday, especially dogs who really just want to be loved and love in return. Our cats, each a different character, bring something unique to the relationship we have with them. Persia, still the baby, is quite the sweetest little kitten with an adoring pur and a spirited will for adventure. Here is the latest pic of her having a snooze on our bed...

The hardest part is saying goodbye and I know that time is coming for our dear old Savanah. It is simply the most heart-breaking moment and I have yet to be with an animal who passes away. So while she is still with us, I bless her and will appreciate her everyday - for protecting us so bravely, for providing us with company and committed love always.

I am thankful for the amazing energy each animal brings into our lives and look forward to the many years of connectedness still to come...


  1. I give thanks with you for being allowed to be part of our animal babies lives. We have 7 cats, 7 dogs, 1 african grey, tropical fish and a koi pond...and I love each and everyone of them...they all are unique and lift my spirits when i most need it

  2. Hi Cam,

    I've loved reading your blog and your posts of gratitue are so positive! I sadly lost my cat before Christmas but have decided to fill the house with animals, so we have a puppy arriving in 3 weeks and 2 Burmese kittens in 7 weeks (they are so cute now) and I cannot wait for the animals that will be arriving.

    I wish you all the best for 2010 and pray that this will be the year for you.