Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gratitude for Medicine

Today is significant in that my mum is getting the results of her scans after 5 chemo sessions. She was diagnosed with terminal small cell lung cancer in July last year and has been doing so well and keeping as positive as she can. Without the chemo, her prognosis was extremely poor and so far she seems to have responded well to the chemo as at her last scan the primary tumour had shrunk. I can only pray that today, she gets news that will keep her going.

A colleague at work who has been feeding a somewhat neglected dog in her neighbourhood found him this morning after a dog fight some weeks ago and he has a badly infected leg. Without antibiotics, he wouldn't make it as the infection has spread too far. We are all chipping in so she can take him to the vet to get treatment.

And Haiti. All the amazing organisations that are sending over medicine, resources and doctors to assist with the thousands of injured survivors.

And of course...all the incredible medical assistance and drugs that help us become mothers and without which, we would never have any hope at all of ever conceiving our babies.

Without the miracle of antibiotics and other medicines, many would never make it. So thank you for medicine that helps disease and infection and restrains the spread of cancer, even if only to give us some more time with those we love.


  1. Cam, I'm keeping fingers crossed that your Mom gets great news today!

    Let's also not forget that without medicine for many of us there would be no hope at all of ever having a baby. So Yeh! for medicine.

  2. Yupp...I have to second mommyinwaiting....without medical intervention...I would be a barren woman....probably labelled a witch and burnt at the

  3. OMG how could I not include that!!!!! Am going to edit imeediately.

    Mum got great news - seems the tumour has really shrunken completely and with no nerological symptoms her brain tumour seems to have also been put into submission - so she has some reprieve for now and needs to go for 3 monthly checks - am so proud of her and happy for her and us! xx

  4. Hope your mum gets better and stronger.

    I really like your gratitude posts, also your new picture on FC. It feels like you are on a good road and it is nice to see!!