Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gratitude for Westerly breezes and warm summer days

So today, there was a slight Westerly breeze.

In a season of intense South Easterly winds that seem relentless sometimes, a soft Westerly breeze is a welcome change. Usually bringing with it overcast conditions but so be it. This morning, we awoke to a gentle day, a real Summery morning even though it was a little grey. The air was soft and heavy, feeling so delicious on skin. Languishing in bed reading a new book, I relaxed into what was promised to be a blissfull day.

And it was. I baked rolls and we ate breakfast in bed. DH had a morning swim while I lazed in the morning sun. We decided to head down to the beach for a sea swim. The sky looked darker and more ominous further along the mountain, but after lying on the soft sand contemplating the sea, we both went for a swim. It was icy fresh and green. Utterly chilling but oh so refreshing. Just after one, we headed to a roadside restaurant in Kalk Bay and feasted on grilled Yellowtail and prawns. So divine.

The remainder of the afternoon included languishing on the lawn looking up at the giant mountain, dipping in the pool, reading, drinking tea, snoozing...

Thank you for the most spectacular day and for the Westerly breeze and warm summer days.

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