Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Friday, January 8, 2010

A year in gratitude

So I had a flash of inspiration last night. The thought came through very clearly so I have decided to act upon it. Instead of wasting time on my cyber farm and cafe, I need to commit to a more meaningful creative process. One that either produces thought and therefore energy or one that results in an actual project that I can feel with my hands. The thought that pushed its way into my consciousness was that I need to start a daily gratitude post on my blog. In addition to the ramblings of my fertility journey, (I think we need to stop using the work "infertile" - using the negative is not really putting out a great intent is it?) I will now be posting a daily "gratitude".

Having gratitude reminds us of all the simple things we take for granted. It moves us away from what we do not have to expose the blessings already in our lives. A pause. A moment to focus on what makes our day special. By simply saying thank you for something that gives you pleasure or helps you or makes your day easier, you stand in the now. It can be something simple like the smell of freshly baked bread or something big like the love of your partner. It grounds you and gives you perspective, changing a negative to a positive. So I will say thank you for something every day this year.

There is so much to say thank you for so I am not going to over-think this or make lists and lists, I will choose just one thing - the first thing that pops into my mind everyday.

So be it - my project for 2010.

And my first gratitude is for...

Freshly laundered crisp white sheets. The smell, the feel, the luxury of them. Thank you that I get to have a clean, fabulous bed. Thank you to the amazing woman that helps me in my house. Thank you to the washing machine for working so hard. Thank you to the warmth of the sun for drying the linen and to the iron for making them crisp....I love my bed, especially after a long day when I am tired and can slip into sleep between fresh clean sheets.

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