Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fab 5

Got my fert report right on time this morning...

5 Embies are perfect 8 cells, with no fragmentatation (grade 5 which is the best - 5 out of 5!!).
3 Embies are 7 cells, 1 with no fragmentation (grade 5) and 2 with a little fragmentation (grade 4), and
1 Embie is a 6 cell with no fragmentation (grade 5).

So all 9 are still hanging in there and the Sister says they are looking really good. She told me that they don't look at them again until Monday morning when they should be blasts!!!! And I go in at 11am for Embryo Transfer!  So I will only know how many blasts there are then. Eeeeeeeek. Any leftover blasts will then be frozen on Tuesday.

Can anything stop them becoming blasts if they are looking so good?  I really hope hope hope we get at least 6 fab blasts....2 to transfer on Monday, 4 to freeze :)

DH kept sending me pictures of quadruplets yesterday LOL!!!

So Monday it is....
Next step: Blast report and ET and 2 Week Wait...


  1. YAY! How many are you putting back?

  2. Cam, by now you are almost at the clinic and getting all prepped to have your babies home. I am so hopeful for you that this is going to mark the beginning of the happy end to your journey to parenthood. Sending sticky vibes to your perfect embies.

  3. Thinking of you today as you have your embryo transfer and head into the 2ww :)

    All is looking fantastic and I really hope and pray that this is the ONE for you guys.

    Much love

  4. Wonderful Cam. By now you must have welcomed your little blast in your womb already and I pray for a fast and successful 2ww !!

  5. Sending you all my love is the day your life will changed.....