Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Friday, February 18, 2011

Things look good

                                                 This is a pic of a building in Stone Town, Zanzibar

So, our donor's first scan was yesterday on CD8.  I couldn't wait until my scan this morning so sms'ed the donor sister for info. Her reply was "Too early to count follicles, small follies on both ovaries. Next scan Monday, Things look good"! I couldn't remember if I knew by day 8 how many follicles I had, so I looked back at some of my past IVF cycle notes. Yes, I did know as there were only ever 3 or 4 growing from an antral follicle count which at best was 5 or 6! So I took this as a good sign that there were quite a few follicles so not necessary to count yet...oh have so many that you only really check the leader.  I never had that luxury and spent hours willing my few follicles to grow grow grow.

So off to the scan I went, intending to quizz my Prof further. He came in to do the scan and seemed in a rush and the first thing he said to me was "how are you doing? Are you at peace". And I said, "I am completely at peace and completely ready". He scanned and said my lining is already a perfect 11mm so no need to increase Progynova dosage and that it would not be necessary to come in again for another scan! Awesome. Then he said, he had scanned our donor yesterday and that everything is looking really really good. I asked him what her antral follicle count was and he said, about 15! Wow. My best was 6 I think!

I read that a good donor should have 15-25 antral follicles. Also, you can calculate how many eggs you will get with a simple calc: EGGS = 0.8*FA (Antral Follicle Count)+2. So if our donor had 15 antral follicles then hopefully we will get 14 eggs!! That would be great, if one considers only about 50% fertilise. I would be completely thrilled to have 7 embies. They also say that approx 30% make it to blast, so if we get 7 embies, then hopefully hopefully hopefully we will get 2 healthy blasts to transfer, maybe more.

Monday will bring more news about how the follies are doing. Prof also said he thinks ER will be on Wednesday, but will let us know.



  1. Awesome news, what a relief that things are going so well and everything is looking so good :-) Holding thumbs and everything else for you xxx

  2. Yahoooo...everything sounds perfectly on track. When I donated they got 10-15 eggs (I donated three times) each times.
    Your lining sounds awesome. Perfect for babetjies to grow in.
    Will be praying for you this cycle.....every prayer counts

  3. Wonderful news!!! Cam Things sound so good!! Holding thumbs for this one!!! I will also be at the clinic from next Friday...this must be our time!!!

  4. All sounds like it's going really well so far Cam. Super happy for you!

    A word of advise if I may? Try not figure out how many eggs you're gonna get so that you don't get an idea of what to expect and end up a little disappointed if you don't get what you pictured? Make sense? That way any more than you normally get yourself is a pure bonus :) I always found that when I had pictured in my head what I would get and got less that it made me disheartened and I can't bear for you to feel that way now when all is going SO well and is SO on track.

    Thinking of you and praying for both you and your donor.


  5. I am so glad things are moving along. At VL they told me anything from 8-12 is good. But in saying that my donor that made 11 gave me a BFN and the one who only made six gave me a BFP.

    Good luck good luck. I SO want this to be 'the one.'

  6. I'm so excited for you Cammy, must we eat some cake to celebrate?

  7. AWESOME Cammy! Our 2 donor didn't even have HALF of that! so damn excited for you!!!