Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting closer...

We had a really great trip to Zanzibar - in a mosaic of, tropical, spicy, vivid colours, blues, smells, visual gems, noise, salty air, cold beer, seafood, warm wind, indian ocean, rough rural landscapes, palms, kangas, seaweed, swims, coconut, fruit, music, books, sleep, sticky, adventure, Africa, poverty, clouds, trees, Muslim, Arab, Indian, heritage, slavery, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, green, lush, simple....

Here I am on an island just off the west coast of Zanzibar on a rather windy really is that beautiful...

We went on the 3 Island Tour to celebrate Henk's 51st Birthday. The wind had picked up and the crossing to the islands would have been tricky so we opted to go to just one of the three. A delicious seafood lunch was prepared by the tour guide and served to us on the beach. The water was just beautiful even with the wind. Crossing back, it had become almost gale force and the rolled up sail roof fell, knocking me on the was F'ing eina. 

Visually, the colour and the people, kanga's, cloths, fruit, food, trucks, buckets, shack shops...were inspiring to photograph. Only problem being that people do not like to be photographed, so it has to be done from a moving car, or while no-one is looking otherwise they get very upset!

This was the view from Croal Rock Bungalows where we stayed as the tide was coming back in.

This is with the tide out far. We could walk out to the deep water along a beautiful sand bar, looking for scarlet red and spidery starfish and seaweed farms along the way...

More on Zanzi later...

I started taking daily Lucrin injections the day after we got back from Zanzibar to start down regulating my own cycle awaiting my day 1 which was yesterday. I felt excited to be getting closer to the next step by phoning the special donor cell number to tell Sister Fourie that it was my day 1. She then called our donor to tell her to stop taking her BCP's and to wait for her day 1, while I continue with the Lucrin injections. Her day 1 should be in the next 3-4 days and then she will receive her stim protocol and meds and stimming starts!!! Then after about 10-12 days of stimming, we go to ER - probably around 24 Feb! Then we wait until day 5 if lots of embies (hopefully!!) to ET. I will be taking more meds as well to prepare my lining for ET and then daily gestone injections until 9 weeks of pregnancy!

I am completely ready.


  1. Zanz looks INCREDIBLE, to put it mildly!

    I am really excited for you for this upcoming cycle! May it be The One, Cammy! May it be The One!! xxx

  2. Hey Cam...looks like you found a piece of heaven..What a great way to centre the soul before your upcoming IVF.
    I will be praying for you everyday of this cycle. I really truely believe that this will be the time your child soul chooses you as a has been waiting too long to get here.

  3. Its all happening!!! Yay! Zanzibar looks stunning.

  4. Looks like a piece of heaven on earth right there, glad you had a such a special time.

    And I am praying for this cycle - be the ONE, plse God, let it be the ONE.


  5. Zanzibar looks great !
    All the very best for your upcoming cycle.
    Keeping you in my thoughts,

  6. Cam I am so excited fro you that you are on your way. Will be keeping both you and your donor in my thoughts and keeping everything crossed that this is the cycle which finally brings you an angel not just on your mind, but in your arms!