Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Queasy queasy queasy

The queasiness has been pretty intense the past two days. I still haven't thrown up yet, but I have thought about it!!! I am NOT complaining, it is wonderful. I never thought I would say that, but I would happily puke as much as I have to if it means all is well with these two precious miracles inside me. But, I admit it is not my best...nausea....aaaargh.  And I have had a splitting headache for the past 3 days which is also wearing me down. Have taken Panado which does nothing for me. Am hoping it will please go away today...I am finding it hard to concentrate at work.  Have decided to take the day off tomorrow just to chill and sleep...yay.

Yesterday, I couldn't take the bloated tummy problem anymore (pant buttons undone by the afternoon LOL) so I went and bought a Preggi Belly Band (to wear usual pants with buttons undone for longer) and a pair of stretchy top pants....bliss!  I also got a maternity bra for sleeping in - made from stretchy lycra stuff and SO comfortable...made a huge difference.  Instead of rolling over and feeling a tender ouch, they are nice and sung against my body...awesome.

I think the uncomfortable tummy issue is more from bloating than expansion as when I wake up in the morning it is fine.  It is just as I eat through the day that it gets more and more bloated. I have read that with twins obviously the uterus expands more quickly and with a singleton, it would be about the size of a grapefruit now at 8 weeks on Friday (started off the size of an avo pip) with twins, it is probably quite a large grapefruit LOL.

This is all so exciting...I still can't believe it is happening...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh the queasies.....


  1. Yah for queasiness. I had a tiny puke two days ago, but since then even the queasiness has passed. I hear you on the bloatedness, while I have now gained 3cm around my wait it is way more than 3cm in the evening! I also bought one of those maternity bras over the weekend and certainly helps on the worst nights.

    Hope the headache goes away so you can just go back to 'enjoying' the queasiness :-) Take it easy and enjoy your day off tomorrow.

    BTW grapes seem to help me best with queasiness.

  2. Thanks for the info. I've been feeling the same. Queeziness TWENTY FOUR hrs a day! That lead to me testing and this morning I saw two solid lines! I never thought I'd feel bloating so early on (I think I'm six weeks) Now to get myself that bra (after the blood test of course ;), sleeping is so uncomfy.

  3. We all wish for that 'queasiness' but I think when it eventually arrives it's not all that great :-) Hang in there and try drink LOTS of water for the headache..... I'm sure it's due to the hectic rise in hormones but I know that lots of water usually helps with headaches :-) Thanks for the update and keep them coming. Much love to you and your miracles xxx