Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crampy, hungry, tired and 10 weeks!

BUT still very very happy and grateful that I am pregnant. And it has started hitting me what a blessing this is, not one but two beautiful little babies are growing inside me right now!

And I am about 10 weeks TODAY or tomorrow - wow!

Last night, I slept so badly, in between the strangest recurring dreams about prams, DH snoring, having to get up to pee three times, our cutey kitty Persia catching a mouse which was squeeking and then of course the clippity clop of Mala's nails as she stalked out into the passage to investigate the hunting activity. I had to get up and pee, lie down and deal with the vivid dream, shake DH as the snorks started and then try to ease back into sleep - 3 times!!...very tricky! Could do with a good snooze right about now!

Also forgot to pop in my Cyclogest this morning, so was worrying especially as I am feeling quite crampy today...but clinic says I can take one later and then 2 at night and should be fine.

On the hunger front...I am always queasy and always hungry...

Today I have eaten:

A bowl of Pronutro
2 Slices toast with avo, cheese marmite and tomato
A seed bar from Woolies
A glass of Apple juice
A huge sub sami with cheese, tomato, avo, lettuce
...and I am still starving....

Going to go find milo now and maybe a muffin too!

We have our Obgyn appointment tomorrow with Dr Hinz.  I am so excited to meet her and hopefully she will do a scan! The first appointment is R1120 - eish! Of course, this year we would have changed from a full on comprehensive medical aid to a saver plan LOL...but it is all worth it!!!

Will post after our appointment tomorrow :)

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