Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scan #3 - Twins growing perfectly

Have just got back from our 3rd scan!  And we saw feet!!! Yes, little tiny feet! How incredible to see how much they have both grown. They have almost doubled in size since last week. They are now both measuring 21.7mm and 8 weeks 6 days (with 3 days variable) and in one measurement, twin 1 was 9 weeks! Prof says they could be nearer 9 weeks - which he says is about tomorrow / Thursday (so my calcs seem right based on the first day of the LMP!!!). He said the heartbeats look good and strong.

Here is Twin 1...

                                         Can you see the little foot? How cute!!

And here is Twin 2...

                                          Looks a bit squashed to me!

Here are both of them - it is hard getting them both in one pic...

We had a good chat and he told me that he wants to keep seeing me until after the foetal assessment appointment. I told him that Dr S said this would be my last appointment, but he said no, he has a plan and that is keeping me with him until 14 weeks!!! He even said I only need to go to Dr S Hinz at 15 weeks! How sweet is that. And it means weekly scans if I want them - even better! And the best news is I am off the PIO shots - WOW...this is have no idea how sore my butt is. Will stay on Cyclogest pessaries 3 times a day until Sunday and then it is over to the actual placentas! How awesome is that. By now they will be producing enough progesterone on their own.

While swopping meds, I was chatting to the Sister about Prof saying I needn't see Dr Hinz next Thursday, but she suggested I go anyway as I don't know her and it would be good to meet her just to see if I would like her to be my Obgyn - if yes, then I can make the 15 week appointment.  If not, I can move on - I think this is a sensible plan so I will keep the appointment. And of course, I will get a bonus scan and maybe even get to hear the heartbeats!!!

I have a form to make an appointment with the Fetal Assessment Centre Kingsbury for sometime between 11 weeks - 14 weeks...will give them a call later.

I am so happy that they are doing very grateful and happy.


  1. Hee hee hee!! Cute doesn't cover it!! Just think, in a few months' time, you'll be giving those toes kisses!!! :-) What a beautiful blessing!
    As much as I luuuurve Dr S, we had come to realise that Prof is a legend too!

  2. How very exciting for you guys! It must be such an amazingly awesome experience for you. Thanks for sharing and your twins are beautiful xxx

  3. YAH!!! I am so glad to hear the twins are doing wo very well, growing exactly on track and even little feet for you too! Soon these pics will be recognisable babies in every way. I totally agree with the idea of seeing the doc early in case you feel the need to find a different one. Yah and double yah for the end of the shots.