Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scan # 4

This morning the twins were lying side by side so measuring them was a little tricky...and worrying as they only measure 9w5days and 9w4days and are about 28.7mm or so.  I would have thought they would have grown more but Prof said the growth is fine. Heartbeats still there.

I am not sure what to call these little for now will stick with twin 1 and twin 2...or today Wriggle and Sleepy LOL.

Twin 1 was having a real bounce around! Moving all over the place - SO amazing to see and I could have stared at them all day....but scan went so fast and in minutes it was over. Here they are side-by-side...

                                             Twin 1 on the left was dancing a little jig...hands and feet wiggling

I asked Prof if he was going to check my progesterone levels and he said no, there is no need to, everything should be fine.  Then he ummed a little and paused and left to check my file. He came back in and said,  "You know what...let's stay on the Cyclogest for another week just to give an extra boost. If it was one I would be certain all is fine, but there are two, so let's do that.  And I want you to come in next week for another check."  So of course, now I am worrying...why did he change his mind?  I hope it is because he is just being extra cautious. Of course I am glad I don't have to wait 11 days for the next scan.

Last week, they measured 21.7mm and they have only grown 7mm...hope this is okay...hope this is not why he wants to check next week again - even though he said the growth is fine...!!! It is sometimes tricky to get accurate measurements depending on how they are lying...

So they are back on progesterone support for another week...I agree, rather that than take any chances!

Next scan: Tuesday 26 April and I hope they have a serious growth spurt by then!!!


  1. Oh I love seeing these scans! Isn't it just so special! They are such cuties!!
    I am sure all will be fine and that the measurements were a bit out because of how they were lying!

  2. My vote is that he's being extra cautious, from reading all your posts he wants this to work as badly as you do so sounds like he's not taking any chance! The little beans have grown and that's a great sign, try not to make yourself sick with worry and rather sending them loving growing vibes :-) Your little twins are BEAUTIFUL XXX

    PS - If you really worried, ask the Doc, there's no harm in that.

  3. they are such little cutikins xxx

  4. Cam I can so relate to how scary it is when you don't just get a "everything's perfect" response. I don't think you have cause to be worries. Prof knows what you have been through and wants to do everything to make extra sure that those babies are as well taken care of as possible. Try to hang in there. (((big hugs)))

  5. Cam I know it's really hard not to worry all the time about those gorgeous babies (think it's the start of a lifetime of motherly worry)BUT that being said they are growing well and are on track for where you *should* be gestation wise.

    Sometimes the weekly scans can be a curse rather than a blessing cos like all growing creatures sometimes you just have a less strenuous week than others so what might seem to you like a less than sterling growth this week will show as massive if you'd just waited a few more days... SO hard but I'm sure Prof is just being extra cautious based on your history.

    Deep breaths honey pie - Twin 1 and Twin 2 are looking marvellous and are growing WELL inside that ute of yours.

    Sending you love