Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, April 18, 2011

Growing solo

So today was my first day without progesterone.  It is now over to the little ones' placentas and they are growing solo! I must admit it is a little scary...what if they are not producing enough progesterone? I think Prof said he was going to do blood tests tomorrow to check my levels - I think I will ask that he does - just to make sure the levels are all good.

One more sleep until scan # 4 - 9w6 days or so!
3 More sleeps until our first Obgyn appointment to meet Dr Hinz.
A loooong 11 day break with No scans - eeeeeek!
15 More sleeps until scan # 5 - 11w6d or so.
21 More sleeps until our Fetal Assessment Scan at the Kingsbury Fetal Assessment Centre - 12w5d or so...
And...telling everyone who doesn't already know...SO exciting!

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