Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scan # 2

The twins are still doing well and growing!!!! Had a terrible night with a constant cramp in the one side so had constant nightmares all night about losing them...horrible.  Felt quite numb as we went into the scan - almost a little depressed.  Maybe all the progesterone?? Anyway, Dr S explained about the possibility of vanishing twin syndrome (which is common before 7 weeks but not after) and what we needed to see today.

In went the wand.  And there they were...all perfect. Two perfect little blueberries. Baby A is 7w4d and 12.5mm and Baby B is 7w2d and 10.9mm.  I joked with Dr S saying - one must be a boy and the other a girl and he said...I would agree with you!!! Let's hope!!!

                                          Baby A - a bit blurry
                                        Baby B - Our "girl?

He was very happy to show me the heartbeats on both - about 140 beats per min.  He didn't let me hear them - not sure why...when I asked he said, no not at this stage.  He said that my risk of anything happening to them after 7 weeks is drastically reduced now and gets even less as the weeks go by. He said I must just enjoy this now and try not to worry so much.

Still in awe....


  1. AWESOME! Two perfect little beans! I am so thrilled they are both growing so well. Wonder why Dr S wouldn't let you hear the heartbeat?!?

    I think you need to follow doctor's orders and enjoy this.

  2. awe man what amazing news!!!!!!!!!! Here's hoping for a boy and girl for you too..... but most importantly 2 healthy babies :-)

    Your beans are beautiful xxx

  3. I think the heartbeat is so faint that it is not easy to hear on their machines...Cam xx

  4. Awwww such good news. Big loves to you, H and beanz an' all, and calm strength too through the coming days and weeks and months.