Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

21 Weeks

Here is our little girl at 21 weeks...

And here is our little boy...

How far along? 21 weeks.

Maternity clothes? Same. Belly growing by the day and still loving showing it off.

Symptoms? Bad backache after most night's sleep. Stuffy nose. Severe heartburn. Pains and aches this week.

Stretch marks? No new ones. Please none!

Weight gain? Still haven't weighed myself...

Sleep? Still getting up for night wees. Otherwise good...loads of intense dreams.

Movement? Have been feeling actual real little jerks and kicks - more pronounced movement but not enough - want to feel them all the time. LOVE it.

Best moment this week? It was a great week until I went for the fetal assessment scan on Wednesday at 21 weeks 6 days and my world almost caved in...

Food cravings? Chocolate milkshake.

What I am looking forward to? 22 Weeks...23 weeks...24 weeks....25 weeks...26 weeks...36 weeks :)

Milestones? Another week closer to viability...the day for 21 weeks was too scary.

Emotions? Was feeling great and positive until the big scare.

General... Peaceful, boring and perfectly healthy please from here on...


  1. Cam, I know you have had a week from hell, but everytime you look at these stunning baby pics you must feel a little better. Your babies are looking gorgeous! Absolutely stunning. Hoping the coming weeks are less stressful and totally drama free. Looking forward to an update on Friday on how baby girl is doing.

  2. Tx hun - just realised I mixed in 22 week update with my 21 week update so have rewritten 21 weeks and posted my 22 weeks today :)

  3. I've been thinking of you so much, will call. I was also bed ridden for four days last week with a horrible flu that's going around. Hope you feel better. Your little munchkins are going to be just fine xxx

  4. Cam, those pictures with perfectly shaped little heads are just sooo cute !
    ... You have been on a long journey and gone through a lot. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to fully "relax" ! I hope from now on your pregnancy & delivery will be un-eventfull and that you will be able to enjoy your miracles.