Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, July 25, 2011

We started the nursery...

The weather was so lousy on the weekend, we decided to start the nursery.  Yes, I am actually writing unreal it seems that we are really here, and I am writing the words...we started the nursery.  A real watershed moment for me and am a little emotional just grasping the miracle that is still unfolding day-by-day.

On Saturday morning, the babes woke up and I starting feeling their little morning moves and kicks. I suddenly realised that I had never actually watched my belly while they were kicking, so I pulled the covers down so the sun fell on my belly and sat staring. The biggest kick ever came from our little boy to the right and my whole belly flicked out! I was amazed and sat watching the twitches and bumps for ages. I can see the difference between the rolls and the kicks - simply the most special thing about being pregnant for me so far! I am feeling great overall, not too uncomfortable, full of energy, positive and calm. I know I will only truly breathe at 28-30 weeks but every day that passes brings me more joy, more peace and more strength at this unbelievable reality that is finally here after 12 years.

We have had the cots and compactum for a while, so took the plunge and moved the double bed out of the spare room and DH started building the cots. The walls were already the perfect colour as I had painted the room in the colours for a nursery when we moved in 3 years ago. One wall is duck egg blue and the others an off-white colour with a twinge of pink called Lotus The room was always going to be the nursery, so it has been waiting patiently for this day too.

                                         DH moving a single bed into the nursery...

Yes - we have managed to fit in a single bed which is great as after much pondering about moses baskets and carry cots for the beginning when they are in our room, we have decided maybe to try them in a cot from the beginning and then we can take turns sleeping in the nursery if need be. This may change...

                                        See Mala, our Ridgeback watching the action with interest...

Once the cots were assembled, I started worrying about space. But, we figured out a good layout and even though the door doesn't open wide, everything fits in and it is going to look great!  These pics taken with my BB are not wide angle enough to see...but when all is done, I will take some better pics of the final story.

                                         The cots in position and the compactum...

We ordered a beautiful wingback chair and a Boston wall shelf from Wetherleys to finish off all the furniture. The shelf will go above the compactum for nappies and all stuff needed for changing etc. We also bought a lovely baby bath and top and tail bowl from bathtime all sorted. The shopping bug has seriously bitten and I may need to go get some of the soft goodies and mattresses really soon!

The theme is supposed to be country vintage with some Beatrix Potter touches.  But finding any real original Beatrix Potter stuff seems impossible in SA!  Have found an international online shop but waiting to see if they will ship to SA. But, this too may change and it seems to be taking on it's own theme as we go along.

And I bought a breast pump!!! Yes, a 2nd hand one from Gumtree, but it is in perfect condition and has been used only a few times so will be saving R2200. It is a Pump In Style Medela - just the one I wanted. I just need to buy new lactaset fittings and storage goodies.

2 Weeks to go until 26 weeks...then 2 weeks until 28 weeks and my family baby shower and belly shoot and 4D scan...then 2 weeks until 30 weeks and I will exhale completely, ready for this miracle to unfold to its reality...


  1. Hey Hey! Awesome Cam! Looks like it is taking shape already. Good luck finding all those special little touches that will make it YOURS.

  2. Looks like excellent work in progress !!
    I am so excited for your Cam ... love the dog's expression; coming to check if the work is done properly !!

  3. SUCH an exciting time, sweet Cammy! It is looking gorgeous!
    Why don't you try bid or buy for Beatrix Potter goodies? I have bought SO much from the site for Isabella!

  4. oh Aunty Cam, this post made me cry - It's really happeing and I am SOOO happy for you. You are going to be THE BEST MOM in the world. Also looking forward to the family baby shower so that I may finally see your bump!!!

  5. i see u r looking for Beatrix potter things. I have 3 mobiles that I would like to sell, the girls have outgrown them now.
    Its a basic mobile, no music etc. One is peter rabbit,
    one is jemmima puddleduck and one is the cat.
    Pm me on FC if u interested?
    PS ur mailbox is full there