Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Thursday, July 14, 2011

22 Weeks

How far along? 22 weeks today!

Symptoms? Really bad backache at night.  Oh and did I mention the severe heartburn!!!

Stretch marks? No new ones - hoping to get away with none.

Weight gain? Still haven't weighed

Sleep? Still getting up for night wees. But was bliss when I had food poisoning as there wasn't any wee to get up for so had two whole night's sleep!

Movement? Dear babies...mummy loves it when you kick, even when it feels so wierd, so anytime is great for me!

Best moment this week? Am changing this to worst moment this week as it wasn't a great week...with the leaking amniotic fluid scare at 21 weeks, my stay in hospital and then I got food poisoning on Sunday night from dodgy chicken on a pizza!!! Have been off work since last Wednesday - 4 days! All I want from here on is boring, normal, healthy and no more dramas.

Food cravings? Definitely NOT chicken or pizza!

What I am looking forward to? Next check-up to make sure twin girl is okay - on Friday and then the repeat fetal assessment scan next Thursday. The sonographer was too frazzled to do any 3D last week so am going to ask her to print me some 3D pics next week. Oh and feeling my babes move and kick.

Milestones? Feel quite damaged still from my stressful week - so just getting back to normal and trusting all will be well.

Emotions? Too much stress and tears and fear - letting it all go now.

General... Want to start the twin's scrapbook with all their scan pics - maybe this weekend. DH and I went on a research trip to Baby City and are all ready to start shopping - just waiting for my tax refund - yeah!

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