Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Friday, July 15, 2011

Obgyn checkup

Went for a check-up this morning with Dr H. She rechecked my cervix which is still closed and was measuring 3.5cm but because it was curved around, she said it would be more like 4cm. The report had come in from the Fetal Assessment Centre and she got the pic from the sonographer which showed the "beaking". She wanted to check for this herself. There is some sign of some funnelling or beaking which gets worse apparently the harder you push down on my belly. She added that she doesn't know how hard the sonographer had been pushing before her scan and it could have made it worse as the picture shows. It doesn't help of course that the babies are both lying against my cervix - the little girl more so and exerting pressure which could be causing the funnelling. 

But Dr H is not overly concerned. She said she had reviewed the literature and even with a little funnelling and a closed cervix, there is no conclusive concern that it will definitely point to a preterm labour.  Of course anything is possible but as we are only 22 weeks, there is little to do now - she wouldn't recommend any treatment.  She said that she will monitor the cervix closer to 25 - 26 weeks and if it has shortened and there is reason for concern, we may decide to give the babies steroid shots in case of preterm labour so that their lungs can develop.  However, you can only do this once, so she will not do so if not necessary.

She also scanned on my belly and both babes doing great and growing - measuring 23 weeks and about 440g and 459g. The little boy was kicking his sister in the face...naughty boy. Dr H said she was suprised that twins aren't born with bruises as they are so rough with each other in the womb lol!

She also said that common sense obviously points to not jumping up and down or running a marathon, but normal activities are all fine. It would be preferable for the babies to move to a sideways position off my cervix, instead of double-story like they are at the moment.....but they will eventually. If sideways, it would be easier to see and monitor them.  Babies...please move off mum's cervix!

So basically...we hang on there and pray that all stays shut and tight and perfectly normal for at least the next 4 - 6 the next 14 weeks as I only want to deliver these babies at 36 weeks!

In the as usual. I don't want to worry so I am not going to...


  1. I'm so glad! Cammy you need to take it a step further, and really ENJOY the pregnancy, because if you spend the whole time worrying, you might look back with big regrets... Wake up every morning and say out loud - yay, I'm having a wonderful and healthy pregnancy :-)

  2. Phhh Cam, I am glad that both your babies are growing nicely and that the growth curve is as it should.
    I think you are coping really well, given you past journey and the constant challenges/worries ... maybe you speak to your LOs and ask to move to the sides (i heard stories of people doing it with breach positions before delivery ...).
    All the best and thinking of you !

  3. So, you have twins. I know you've waited for them for so long, but I still want to congratulate you even if I’m two years late in this thread. I hope your delivery went fine. I see they’re toddlers now, and very cute! I love their doe eyes. Now, that you have a boy and a girl, do you still have plans for more angels? Elli @