Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Thursday, July 21, 2011

23 Weeks and anatomy re-scan!

How far along? 23 weeks today!

Symptoms? Bad backache after a night's sleep - comes and goes. Heartburn most of the time. I think a nerve in my bum is being pinched - could be my sciatic? Ouch every now and then.

Stretch marks? Using Justine Tissue Oil now morning and night everyday...

Weight gain? 12kg!

Sleep? Still getting up for night wees. Otherwise great.

Movement? Sometimes a LOT, sometimes a little...sometimes body rolls, other times kicks...

Best moment this week? Today's anatomy re-scan results!

Food cravings? Any gelatine based sweeties - jelly babies, winegums, woolies gum box yum!!

What I am looking forward to? 26 Weeks...28 Weeks...30 Weeks...33 Weeks...36 Weeks :) And when I got back to the office I saw Groupon was having a special on 4D scans, so have booked one!

Milestones? I ordered the pram and car-seats!!! Shopping coming up soon - I looked at some twin belly pics at 33 weeks and could not believe how huge you can get!  I really understand now why twin mommies say get everything finished by 28 weeks latest!  So I have 5 weeks to do it all!

Emotions? Giving away all my fears and trusting!

General...Just got back from the anatomy re-scan at the fetal assessment centre. The membrane is still lying on the little girl's face like a veil (she must be shy), and she has way less fluid than the little boy who is floating around in loads of space on top of her...but...she has enough and her membrane is closed! All their measurements check out fine and they are both big babies, weighing in at 629g and 693g respectively!  At 23 Weeks, the average weight is 500g! Best of all, my cervix is okay and closed and measuring 29-30mm, which while it is shorter than it was a week ago (35mm) is still fine for a twin pregnancy apparently - well the sonographer said she was happy with it. The usual length of a cervix should be 40mm, and if it drops below 30mm, then could be sign of preterm labour risk. So no more shortening okay dear cervix!!!! And as a special suprise, we got a 4D scan pic of our "big" boy, but not of our girl as she was not cooperating at all lying with her face towards my spine and her back to us...hopefully she has moved in time for the 4D scan I just booked!
Here is our gorgeous cute is this little tot?

And here is my long and closed cervix!  You can see our little girl's head pushing against it still...sigh...please move up babes then your brother won't be sitting on your head and you can have more space and fluid!
My next check-up is in 2 weeks with Dr H...
My mantra is:  Long and closed, long and closed, long and closed...and Healthy happy babies born at 36 weeks, healthy happy babies born at 36 weeks, healthy happy babies born at 36 weeks!


  1. Oh my WORD!!! That child is too cute, amazing! I can't imagine how that must feel, to see your little man's face like that!!! I'm going to show you some very gentle yoga moves to keep your bambinos in place and ease out that back. Not sure how that will be in the middle of Vida - E/Woolworths, but OK. Passersby will just have to cope with it ha ha ha!

  2. Ag man they are so beautifull! And you know what they say, big babies are strong healthy babies xxx

  3. I like your mantra, I think I will adopt it too. I really hope the babies move off your cervix so they ease the pressure there a little. As for the pics - awesome and too damn cute for words. When are you going for your 4D mine is at 25 weeks as they advised that with twins if you wait too long they may not have much room and getting the right angle for good images could be difficult.