Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, March 14, 2011

2nd Beta

And the number is.....


So relieved!

Am now wondering about what this means and if possibly there could be more than one growing? Eeek. This increase means that my hcg levels are doubling every 33 hrs or 1.4 days - the average is for it to double every 48 hours or so.  But then hcg levels vary SO much from person to person and the average bands are so wide that you will only really know when you have the 1st scan!

I begged and pleaded for an early scan, but the Sister said I must wait for 7 weeks and wanted me to make an appointment for 4th April (our anniversary coincidently :) Anyway, I was transferred to the Prof's secretary and she told me that Prof is out of town for 3 weeks from the 30 March, so I asked her to try get me an earlier scan for 29 March - she will ask Prof is okay and confirm with me!!! Am holding thumbs I can get this earlier appointment as I would so love for Prof to do my 1st scan.

My anxiety levels are quite intense and I must consciously try keep calm - a frontal lobotomy for the next 2 months would be awesome....LOL! I may need to go for weekly beta tests just to monitor that they are increasing nicely for my own sanity!

I am so in awe that this might finally be happening for real. Can it be?
What an incredible miracle...


  1. OMW! Cam that is amazing - what amazingly healthy betas - yup 2 comes to mind and Prof did say there was a good chance fo twins with those beautiful embies you had. Cam I think it might be time to pinch yourself and say "yes this IS happening!"

    I am over the moon for you. hoping you get that early scan with Prof and that there is a beautiful heartbeat (or two) even though it is early!

  2. Hi Aynty Cam. Thought I'd let you know that I had a dream about the most beautiull twin babies last night! In the dream they where mine, but they were both blond? What could this mean I ask ya!!!

  3. Cam that is a beautiful rise in that beta. I know that when one's beta's rise like that you can't help but think of twins (which it very well might be) but also remember that beta's are not normally an indictation of one or two - my beta's rose incredibly quickly and I have a healthy singleton pregnancy, so you just won't know until you scan...

    I'm so happy and excited for you - it's really happening my dear... all is looking awesome right now - time to revel in that.


  4. Cammy! I am positively BOUNCING off the walls with excitement for you!! Holding thumbs for that early scan too - the wait is poo! Oh gosh. How wonderful!!!!