Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The queasies...

Aaaaargh....the queasies have set in!  What started as a few bouts of faint queasiness has now become fully fledged episodes of lasting nausea!!! Aaaaargh, not great. Great, in that it is supposedly a good sign but geesh I can't believe I wished for this symptom! It started yesterday so I had to stop at the Spar and buy some Marie biscuits which I have been eating ever since. It is a stange kind of nausea...I feel like eating. And if I do eat, then it sort of feels better for a while anyway.

I am sure the clinic's system of calculating the dates is wrong - if I take day 1 as well, day 1, then according to every other system, I am 6 weeks 1 day today. Maybe they use that calc as some cycles do ER later, so they like to work with averages...but this cycle was spot on with ER on day 14 just as if it was a normal cycle...oh well...give or take a few days doesn't make much of a difference...just that morning sickness (or all day sickness in this case) usually kicks in around 6 weeks...

Better go eat something....aaaaaaargh......


  1. Cam - try this link

    I calculated my due date with this link and it is exactly the same as what my doc said.

    From the due date it gives you you can calculate how far along you are.

  2. Okay, so I just checked and it also says you are 6weeks 1Day :D

  3. Hang in there Cam. For most pregnancies, the nausea doesn't last for very long. There are excellent safe homeopathic remedies which can help. Happy for you because it is a good sign in so many ways but ugh! about the bad parts

  4. Ugh! Sorry about that cammy! If you can tolerate Ginger, P'nP and Clicks sell ginger suckers for mommies - just have a look at the baby section. Or try ginger tea - or even pure peppermint tea (if you can tolerate the smell of either, which I couldn't! go figure!!!). The only ginger I could tolerate - and which helped - was the pink pickled kind you get with sushi! Used to buy a few containers at a time at P'nP!
    Poo as it is - it IS a good sign! ;-)

  5. Hi there Cam....Good Luck..!!!! My nausea started at 6-7 weeks and lasted until almost four months. It was alllllllll day. Everyone told me Ginger. DID NOT WORK. I tried all kinds of syrups (for morning sickness). DID NOT WORK. My staff were banned from making toast at work. We changed the toilet sprays in the office toilets...I was a real drama queen. The one thing that worked well with me was Condensed Milk Tea..(theory : Sweets = Girls, Savoury = Boys...Guess I proved them right). The good news is that this will pass and it will be a good memory that you can laugh at. Just keep on repeating "This too shall pass"....will be thinking of you

  6. Cam, in my case both times I had twin pregnancies, the m/s started at around 5 weeks, exactly 1 week after the first Bhcg BT.

    So, it seems very similar to what you are describing. TWINS girl !!

    Sucking on an almond first thing when waking up helped to keep the quesiness/nausea a bit on the background.

    Looking forward for your scan update, that I believe will be excellent.

  7. Don't stress about the caluculation your clinic gives you - thi swill in all likliehood change when you graduate to your gynae cos they will work it out from LMP anyway ;)

    Good luck controlling the quease :)


  8. Oh yes...don't mention the toilet spray! Hating that!!! Grroooooosssssss. The horrible nausea has calmed down to a mild queasiness again which is great - hope this isn't a bad sign!!! Not that I am complaining - it might start again LOL...