Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little pair of Lors!!!

Just got back from the first scan...

We have TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am in shock! As we went in Prof gave us a little talk saying that it is still early and it is a sensitive period especially until 12 weeks (am glad he is as conservative as I am!) but "let's see what the scan shows us now"....and in went the wand....

And I saw 2 black rounds. And I knew instantly. And then he said "It's twins!".
There they were....little Baby A at 6mm and 6w3days and even littler Baby B at 5.4mm and 6w2days...both had foetal heartbeats, which I couldn't see through my tears and racing heartbeat! But DH saw them!
Prof is very happy and said he was privileged to be doing my first scan.

He also said no to having highlights - oh my word I am going to have to invest in alice bands to hide my serious regrowth!!!

Oh my hat...I cannot believe this miracle!
He has agreed to let me come for weekly week with Dr S!
Wow. Wow. Wow.


  1. This is the best news!!!! Congrats!!! you must be over the moon!!


  2. omg, i am so happy for you!!!! you must be so excited!

  3. I am so totally over the moon for you. Yippeee!!! I feel like I should be celebrating, now if only I could have a glass of champagne for you!

    Can't wait until you get that pic scanned in so we can all oooh and aaah over your little beans.

    Congratulations again and now take it extra easy (I bet you haven;t heard that 100 time salready).

  4. I JUST KNEW IT!!!!!!! I had a feeling before you went for transfer that this would work and that you'd be having twins.... I'm so glad my feeling was right. I'm so super happy for you! More than you could ever imagine! With me about to embark on DE IVF sometime this year, it's so inspiring to follow a story like yours, with such an amazingly happy ending. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    PS - good luck with not going for highlights (gasp!) hehe

  5. You have been truely blessed Cam...the Angels have really walked by your side.
    Love M

  6. Awesome news Cam! Take really good care of yourself and your twins now :) What sweet joy to see and hear both heartbeats.

    SO happy and excited for you - think I might have to break open a bottle of non alcoholic champers tonight :)