Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Friday, March 25, 2011

My POAS Story....

Not so queasy today!  Now I am worrying that this is not a good sign...oh well...

So, I wanted to share my POAS story...for one because there is some hilarity involved and for another to show other woman just how freaky POAS's can mess with your mind....
On 7dp5dt (7 days post the 5 day transfer), I was at work and literally ON THE EDGE. We had had a meeting with a supplier the day before, where I kinda lost it...a colleague of mine also lost her mum just before me, so we call ourselves the orphans (she also lost her dad young)...Anyway, the meeting was with a young girl (first job) who was promoting a retail online voucher system. She was doing very well, despite being a little green in comparison to the 3 seasoned marketing vets in front of her - me, my event manager and my pr manager...38, 34 and 42 years old respectively. Anyway, her first faux pas was to suggest that I go for skin laser treatment as her mum had just been and it works so well! Pah!!!! Was she trying to say...that I looked old and damaged??!! I found this vaguely amusing. She then went on to suggest that as Mother's Day was coming up, we could all buy one of the spa specials to treat our mums! Well. I retorted that there was little chance of that as two of us no longer had mums!...the two of us starting to giggle uncontrollably, veering on mild hysteria, and then when she tried to back-track, saying "well, have you got kids? You can buy one for yourself for Mother's Day"...I blurted out "Don't even go have no idea honey!". By now, the "orphans" had lost the plot and we couldn't stop laughing (both colleagues knew my story and how freaked I was at the time)...the tears were flowing! This poor girl must have thought she had just had a meeting with some crazy chicks! LOL.

Okay, back to the POAS story...
So the following day, 8dp5dt, I was officially losing it. I remembered that I still had some hospital issue hpt's that I had gotten in Zanzibar as I suspected an ectopic (that's another story) and they had been burning a hole in my bag. So at about 11am, I couldn't take it anymore and took one of 3 into the loo and peed on it the wrong way round. Nothing happened! When I realised I had used it the wrong way, I started laughing madly! Off I went back to my office to get another one. And I peed again...this time the right way around....this is what I saw:

I rushed off to Clicks and bought a Clearblue Digital HPT and a pack of Clicks HPT’s…I immediately went to the lav, not caring if the hcg count would be too diluted and peed some more on the Clearblue digital. This is what I saw:

Wow. Speechless…worried…but at ease for another few days until the BT…so I thought. The next day on 9dp5dt, I peed on the Clicks stick…hate those as this is what I got:

Eeeek – why so faint? Why was the pissing line so faint? What did this mean? Eeeeek.
Immediately peed on the last hospital issue HPT…and YES YES YES…a darker line!

Next day, 9dp5dt, I POAS again…WHAT??? Why so faint? Why almost fainter than day 8??? Hating these Clicks cheapies…tossed it in the trash immediately.

Then as we know did BT on 10dp5dt and beta was 264!!! So clearly the Clicks HPT's are not more sensitive to high beta's until they get really high.  If you are going to POAS I would waste my time with the cheapies - I would go straight out and get the Clearblue Digital as there is nothing better than just seeing the words rather than driving yourself bonkers trying to interprate "faint" lines!

And then, of course as IF's do...I POAS some more...

On 14dp5dt when beta was 1985...the line was only slightly darker!

And then I had to do another Clearblue just to see 1-2 change to 2-3...but in my case it went straight to 3+!!

And then one last time at 17dp5dt, just to see if finally with a really high beta of over 9000, if at last the Clicks HPT line would be as dark as the control....and it was....finally!!!!

Hope my story helps shows how dodgy the POAS ride can be. Having said that though, it really saved my sanity for a while back there so I am glad I did it.  But I would honestly not bother with the Clicks no name brand and would either get my hands on hospital issues HPT's which were really accurate, or go straight to the Clearblue - worth R79!!!

4 More sleeps until my scan....


  1. I love it! But where do you get the hospital sticks?

  2. LOL! And THAT is why I have only ever POAS after I saw a positive beta.

  3. I am so with you on this one. I only POAS AFTER I had gotten my + beta and my first pee stick was SO light I nearly plattzed on the floor. My second one with FMU was excellent but my next morning one was lighter - coupled with my bleeding I was a freaking MESS. So I stopped POAS. It was not worth the stress on top of the bleeding I was experienceing.

    Can't wait to hear about your scan on Tuesday :)


  4. Aaaaah the stresses!!!! I almost went out to get a POAS today just to check and then I realised there was little point...only 3 more sleeps until the scan and what will be will be!!!

  5. I totally get this, I carried my pee sticks around after by BFP on IVF #3 in my hand bag, and kept sneaking peeks at them all the time. I am so thrilled for you!