Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The haze and spirit of positivity

So in my haze of delight and fear, I am trying to believe all will be well. In this spirit, I remembered that Prof had asked us who our Obgyn was and where we wanted to deliver! How's that for we have chosen an Obgyn - Dr S Hinz at Vincent Pallotti, which is where I want to deliver.

This is because I was born at Vincent Pallotti so I think it will be kinda special for my LO's to be born there too. Continuing in this spirit of positivity, I called to make an appointment today.  The receptionist told me to go straight for the NT 12 week scan first before making an appointment so I had to explain to her in rather a lot of detail that I was SPECIAL and needed TLC and so wanted an initial meeting appointment with Dr H first before going for the serious tests etc. So, we have our first appointment on 21 April (should be 10 weeks or so)....if we love her we will stay with her...if not, we will try Dr Bruce Howard.  They are both specialist Obgyns - Prof said both are great.

We are going to get there...believe Cam.....


  1. Believe indeed! Still so happy for you!
    Dr Hinz is kinda a client of ours - and I know, from speaking with my gynae at VP (who has worked with S) that she is brilliant and thorough and all those good things.
    SUCH an exciting and special time in your life, Cammy! Savour every moment.

  2. You'll love her instantly, she is so down to earth and free of drama.

    All is good in the world ;-)

  3. Here's to the beautiful spirit of positivity! I am glad that you explained you are special, very special and they had better treat you like a princess and make every step of this as easy and stressfree as possible for you. So does this mean you will be booking your NT 12 week scan now too?

  4. There you go girl, believe...

    It will be OK, I am sure of it!

    Big hugs and congrats again!

  5. I am so happy for you!
    Dr Bruce Howard did my Cone Biopsy and I decided when it is our turn I will go with him as Obgyn. He is really nice.