Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A BOY and a GIRL!

So we went for the fetal assessment scan yesterday - 12 weeks and 4 days. What an absolutely mind-blowing experience. I was fixated with the plasma screen, watching every little movement and detail and when the heartbeat sound of the first baby was played, I started is so unreal and so miraculous that these two precious little beings are gowing inside me. ME!

Then she told me, Baby 2 is a little girl. She was lying there all well-behaved, drinking amniotic fluid and cute. All her measurements were absolutely perfect. She is 71.5mm - quite tall and slim, and has a lovely nose already. Her heartbeat was 166 beats per minute. Baby 1 was not cooperating and as he is lying at the bottom, all my scar tissue made it tricky for her to see....but eventually, after much prodding with the scanner, he moved and there it was...a little willy!!!

                                         Can you see it? Definitely a boy!!!

A boy!!!He has very long legs just like dad and is fatter than the girl and is about 70mm. His heart was racing at 173 beats per minute - apparently could be all the adrenalin from me as I was so nervous! All his measurements apart from the fast heartbeat were also perfect.  Both are measuring at 13 weeks.

So apparently the boy will be the first born and the girl will follow - even if we have a caeser. At the moment he is lying at the bottom and she is lying on top...but eventually they move into a more side by side position.

                This is turned to the side,,,but he is on the bottom and she is on top - facing each other - so cute!

Here is our girl...

And here is our boy...

And the best of all is we got the dvd of the whole hour's I can watch it again and again! Our next fetal assessment scan will be at 20 weeks 6 days on 6 July! And it will be a long 4 weeks wait now until 8 June for my next Obgyn appointment and scan - 16w6d...eeeeek - how am I going to wait that long???

I am more in awe than ever.


  1. Cam these pics are just what I have been waiting for all morning! OMG they are just soooo cute! So gorgeous and how sweet that they are looking at each other - making best freinds already!

    I have no idea how you are going to wait 4 weeks until your next scan, good luck with that, but as you say you have that DVD to watch over and over to keep you going until the next scan! CONGRATS on your son and daughter! Hubby must be totally over the moon too!

  2. That is so lovely. I am loving following the updates ....very special.

  3. Your babies are so beautiful Cam!

  4. Oh man alive Cammy! How awesome indeed! I am always blown away by these detailed scans. And a DVD too!

  5. Big congrats...a boy and a awesome is that

  6. Congrats on your Pigeon Pair Cam :) How amazing!