Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Twin pregnancy week 11

So I have decided to start weekly "Twin pregnancy" entries from now on...

We are finally at or around our week 11! There seems to be some confusion about when I actually move into the next week.  The FS said that my week 10 was officially on Monday 25 April, but according to the scan results on Tuesday, I was 10w6days! (give or take 3 days either way) So Prof said we should calculate Tuesday as 10w3days. That means then I should've moved into week 11 on Saturday 30 April. And next Sat, I will finally be week 12!!!!!! Very complicated...but just shows you how much the CTR measurements can change things. Oh yes and we discussed the progesterone and he is more than happy that I stay on Cyclogest until 12 weeks - down from 3 a day to 1 a day.

The scan with Prof on Tuesday went well - he spent more time looking at the twins that I did LOL. He checked their growth and all good - Twin 1 was 10w6d and 39.5mm and Twin 2 was 11w0d and 40.9mm! Both of them were bouncing around like crazy. Hilarious to watch and I couldn't stop laughing! I will load the pics when I get back to work.

He asked me if I wanted to come in again for another weekly scan next Tuesday and I said of course...he said that is good as he liked to see all four of us! I think he is enjoying seeing them grow too. So Tues will be my last scan with dear Prof. He might want to see me again once he gets the fetal assessment results...but only if there is a problem. Unless of course I need a sneaky scan sometime in the future...but I think I will handle waiting for my next Obgyn appointment 4 weeks after the fetal assessment scan next Monday. Just think, next Mon, we might just find out what the twins are...2 girls, 2 boys or 1 girl, 1 boy....soooo exciting. I hope they are both perfectly ok...I don't want to have to make any hard decisions...oh please no.

This 11 day break has been great in that I have done nothing. Nothing I was going to do! I had all these projects planned, meditations lined up, etc, but I have felt like doing none of it. Have been queasy 24/7 and instead indulged in some serious sleeping and reading. Really have been feeling rather non...

So, next scan...Tuesday...
Fetal assessment Monday...
Then 4 weeks until my 16 week Obgyn appointment...

Stay safe little twins please...mummy needs you to be strong and happy and to grow x

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  1. I am so enjoying reading about you and your twins growth! Still so very excited for you.