Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cots & the Compactum

So, I know I wasn't going to buy anything until after the 20 week scan or even until 26 weeks, but after doing so much research, some bargains presented themselves! So well...we had to start buying!  We were dead keen on buying new cots, but for interest, we looked on Gumtree at second hand cots.  And there they were - two perfectly simple white cots in excellent condition (new R2k-R3k) for only R690 each.  So we bought both and picked them up in Constantia which is just around the corner from us - perfect. When I went to look at them, we landed up chatting about the babies and found out that both their babies were conceived with IVF - the first time 9 IVF's and the second time 6 IVF's! I think it is rather special that our babies will be taking over cots from these little IVF girls - just feels right.

Then today, we popped into Wetherleys just to see what they have...and there it was.  A perfect antique finish wooden compactum. The price on the tag was crazy but we spotted a sign on top of it saying it was half this price.  We checked and yes it was on special only until today.  So we ordered one right then and there. They also have such lovely extras - exactly in the style I am wanting for the nursery - little antique rose print cushions, beatrix potter prints, vintage style toys etc. Pricey but lovely. There is also a great shelf and a wonderful wingback chair which is exactly what I want as a feeding chair...but we will look around as it isn't cheap!

So the nursery is well on its way to becoming a real project. We have to do some serious rearranging of furniture to make space for decorating the nursery (we have too much furniture!) and I still need to see if a single bed will even fit into the nursery - might not. So at the very least, a good feeding chair is a must.

This is sort of the decor style I am looking at - without getting too girly though.

Will keep to mostly neutrals with a little pink for our girl and a little brown / blue for our boy - vintage type fabrics - stripes, antique flowers, checks, etc - it won't be purely vintage as the cots are white so it will have a contemporary edge. The room already has antique wardrobes, so the compactum will look great together with them.

This is the compactum we ordered - but in antique wood, not white.

The wingback chair I love - fabric to be decided on and makes a huge difference to the cost.

I have also found some lovely stuff at Mr Price Home - perfect quilts, crochet blankets, etc.
Roll on week 20 so I can start shopping!!!

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  1. When I have a baby (when not if) I'm going to buy all second hand goods to save the environment :-)

    Need to tell you something about Dr H ... chatted to a friend today who has just discovered she is preggie and had two miscarriages, apparently Dr H said to her come for as many u/s as you want, but then she is before the three month mark. I said to her that maybe H is too pragmatic and she said no, not at all, she was so great with the birth of her firstborn.

    I want to see your belly soon over some cake :-)