Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Thursday, May 26, 2011

15 Weeks and OB app tomorrow!

15 Weeks today!!!

Have been dealing with a bit of anxiety lately and trying very hard to concentrate on positive affirmations and positivity to squash all the negative and fearful thoughts that keep distracting me. I have also been talking to the twins explaining to them why mommy is feeling this way as the last thing I was is to project my fear to them! This morning I started feeling really anxious that it would still be a long 2 weeks wait until my scheduled Obgyn appointment. It has been 5 weeks (!!!!) since my last appointment! 

Then I read on the forum that one of the twin specialists believes in 2 weekly appointments as standard for twins, so I called my OB and asked if there was an earlier appointment....and there was....tomorrow at 07h45! So I will be seeing our babies tomorrow. So so pleased.

Got all emotional and teary on the phone as I was making the appointment, and again just thinking about seeing them.  Must be the pregnancy hormones in full flow.

And I am going to ask for 2 week appointments from here on. Simple.

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  1. Can you believe how fast time is going. You are nearly half way. xxx