Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, May 23, 2011

The doppler drama

So my gifted fetal heatbeat doppler arrived today and I rushed off to the Post Office to collect it, then rushed home and leapt onto the bed, squirted the gel onto the tummy and turned it on...and there were no heartbeats!

There was a doef doef sound and some other squishy whooshy noises, but no whaa whaa of the hearts! I was pretty calm despite this and rushed off to...yes...UTube to look for videos of the same fetal doppler in action...and in each video...the whaa whaa whoosh sounds were unmistakable. I sent urgent messages to my forum friends and Nita even called me back to chat about what I should be hearing. I tried whaa whaa whoosh.....just doef doef doef and gurgling. And apparently the doef doef is the blood flow to the placenta.

So I breathed. And then slept. And asked for the answer. And it came to me...Keep calm, when DH comes home, he will find them.

And DH came home.
And he found our babies.
Both heartbeats going strong.


  1. :-) Yay! It must be quite something to hear! Enjoy it Cammy! x

  2. Nice. So now you can listen to them whenever you want. xxxx