Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scan # 6 & 7

Went for my last scan with Prof this morning...very sad and very happy to say goodbye to the Fertility Clinic...still can't believe that I have been going there for the past 6 -7 years on and off...And finally, I am leaving with twins growing inside me...such a miracle.

I had also gone for a scan last Tuesday - dates for the twins were 10w6days but Prof said I was more likely about 10w3days or 4 days...seems they are ahead then in terms of growth for they are...

                                         Twin 1 showing as 40.9mm and 11weeks!!
                                          Twin 2 at 39.5mm and 10w6days!
They are growing really well says Prof and both are happy. This morning, one twin was kicking about and the other one was snoozing and wouldn't wake up...but both heartbeats they are...

              Twin 1 measuring 11w2days and 44.7mm, but I don't think this is accurate as another measurement showed 12 weeks!!!

              And Prof seems to have measured Twin 1 again (not Twin 2 LOL) and showing here as 11w6days and 50.5mm!!!

So it really shows how variable the measurements can be! Didn't get a pic of Twin 2 today - but that could have been the 12 week measurement he referred to. Anyway, he was happy and then gave me a few words of advice re twin pregnancies.  He said that I should be resting a lot from 25 weeks, on my side. The biggest worry with twin pregnancies is preterm labour and hypertension. And, he would advise leaving work at about 28 weeks as the goal is to reach at least 33 weeks!!!!!! I was planning on working all the way up to 32 weeks (end September) so am hoping I will feel fit and healthy and up to it then...will have to see how it goes. That is like 4 months away and would be around the end August!! Gosh...

I have decided to wait for my Fetal Assessment Scan on Monday before telling everyone at work...that will make me 12 weeks and 3-4 days. Then no more scans for a loooong 4 weeks until my next Obgyn appointment. 

Hang in there and grow little happy Twins xxx

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  1. hello darling Cam! So, I've finally figured out how to sign in to your blog (although I read the message you sent me through fb a while ago!!)

    I just CANNOT believe you are almost 12 weeks!! I'm so happy and excited for you and when I light my nightly candle, you and your bubbas get a rush of good vibes from me. I wonder, do you feel it? It has to come all the way from Holland but rest assured that I'm rooting for you all so much and I'm so glad that I can now follow your pregnancy more intimately through this blog.

    Looking forward to your next entry. Don't forget to think beautiful thoughts!! Much love from your old friend, fritha.