Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Thursday, August 11, 2011

26 Weeks!

How far along? 26 weeks! Viable! Can't believe we are here! If they are born now - heaven please no - they have an 80% chance of survival but would have a very long road in NICU...and we don't want that! Stay put babes for at least another 8-10 weeks!

Symptoms? Ongoing heartburn - really unpleasant. Back pain now and then while sleeping. Rib pain when I roll over in bed. Pinched nerve not so bad anymore - just twinges now and then. Ankles get a bit swollen by the end of the day so I try to rest with my legs up every evening for a bit and do ankle rolls. Also noticed by bangles a little tight so my hands also get a little swollen by the evening. My hair seems to need less washing - not as oily as usual which is great. Otherwise feeling great!

Stretch marks? None yet...

Weight gain? Haven't weighed myself again yet...

Sleep? Getting more and more difficult to move once I am down. Wish I had sky ropes to hold onto! Using my stomach muscles to lift myself up for night loo trips, but I suppose I should be rolling onto my side and then pushing up with my arms! 

Movement? Not many kicks or big moves - more squirmings and rolling and the odd little jab.  Haven't felt any hiccups yet...would be cool. I try to wake them up when I am relaxing with my feet up in the evenings - DH looked at me last night prodding a little baby part on the one side of my belly trying to provoke a reaction and said "Cam - if these babies have difficulties sleeping - I am going to blame you!" lol!!!

Best moment this week? We have almost finished the nursery!!! It just all came together so fast and is looking so lovely. I still have to sew the ottoman cover and DH needs to put more shelves in the cupboards - but otherwise all done.  Now we just need to buy all the stuff that goes into the cupboards! I wanted to be ready by 28 weeks and we will be!

Food cravings? Freshly squeezed orange juice.

What I am looking forward to? We have our 4D scan next Wednesday!!! My older sister will be spending the week with us next week, then my younger sister arrives on Wednesday, and then my step-daughter and niece and cousin hopefully all on Friday for my family girl baby shower weekend - will be so wonderful to see them all!

Milestones? Reaching this incredible milestone is so special for me...I know each one has been miraculous, but today feels like the start of the last stretch towards actually holding these babes in my arms...I cannot express how blessed I feel.

Emotions? Have been missing my mum and may make an appointment with the medium just to try connect with her again before the babes arrive. I also want her to "see" me pregnant. I had a call from one of her art ladies who was so emotional and happy for me as mum has shared my journey with them all during the past years - I got so teary and sad that mum is not here to see this happen. It will be a year on 26 August.

General... I am going to book my belly shoot for the end of the month possibly - or maybe even beginning September - really want some awesome photo's to keep this miracle preserved forever...


  1. I don't always comment on your updates, but I just LOVE to read them. I can almost feel everything that you say and describe.
    I am sorry about you missing your mom and I really cannot imagine how hard that must be for you, Cammy.
    Sending hugs

  2. WOW the milestone that it seems so long ago we were discussing! It's here and still things are going smoothly.

    The 4D scan is awesome, e had ours this morning and got cute pics of both twinnies.

    I can so relate to you missing your mom. I have also been struggling with the loss of my mom again the last month or so. It seems to wrong to be going through such a momentous and womanly event without your mother. Sending you hugs.

  3. Not much longer for you!! Hugs on the upcoming anniversary of your mother's passing...