Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FA Scan #4

Just went for our fourth (and hopefully last) fetal assessment scan to check on our little girl's growth in more detail. Her head circumference and femur both measure completely normal for 28 weeks, but her belly is still slim measuring at 27 weeks. She weighs about 1111g. The sonographer checked her brain blood flow and vein flow in the liver which, if flowing too much could indicate a problem with blood flow to her body, however both these were completely normal. Even though her belly width is smaller, it still falls into the acceptable percentile for her age, so nothing to worry about. She is on track with all measurements, just on the slim side.

Our little boy on the other hand is ginormous! His head and femur is measuring at 30 weeks already and his belly is just below the maximum percentile also for 30 weeks. So he is getting enough to eat for sure! He weighs 1576g or so. The sonographer said if he wasn't sharing the space with a small sister, she would suspect that I had gestational diabetes, but this is not the case as she is not measuring big as well.  So he is going to be a big boy! She also pointed out that he has quite a head of hair already - you could actually see the hair on the scan. She explained that sometimes with twins, one placenta can be more efficient than the other one drawing more nutrition, so this is possible.

They were lying in very strange positions.  She has her head against my cervix with her bum upwards to my RHS, draped over him now as he is lying towards the back with his head in the middle.  It is so hard to picture their exact positions as she explains it, but they were moving about constantly, so I am sure this changes often. Their fluid levels were both fine - I think she said about 4 and anything from a 2 to a 8 is perfect.

My cervix is looking great - up to 32-34mm and closed, so all perfect! Next Obgyn appointment with Dr H is in two weeks time when I will be 31 weeks - can't wait to see how they have grown by then. Depending on how I feel, I will chat to her about my oedema and booking me off maybe a week earlier.

Am so happy the babes are doing okay! Yah!


  1. Good work! Glad they are doing well :)

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  3. SOOOOO pleased that all is still going well, Cammy!! :-) :-)

    I tried to picture the way your 2 angels were lying, but had trouble too. I am always amazed at how the little ones manage to find space in there! Precious darlings.

    Where HAS the time gone? 28 weeks!!?

  4. Awesome news! That is fantastic!!! You must be so relieved xxx