Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, August 22, 2011

3rd Trimester fun!

I had a wonderful baby shower weekend with most of the special women in our family and I felt truly blessed to have them all share this incredible journey with me and to see me pregnant!  The twins have received some very special presents and so much attention already and they are not even here yet! I can't wait to introduce them to everyone. 9 Weeks to go....what an incredible thought...In 2 months or less, I will be a mum.

So, it seems as if 3rd trimester symptoms hit me with a bang this weekend!  It all started on Saturday...I woke up with HUGE swollen feet and cankles. my legs, hands, face and arms are also retaining some water. Am finding it difficult to fit into any of my shoes - even CROCS (yes...) are tight! I already have big feet at 8 and 1/2 so finding a size up will be tricky.  May have to buy men's takkies in a size 9!!!! Eeeek.

I have been feeling much larger in the last few days as well and the babes are moving around quite a bit.  It appears as if our boy has lodged himself under my ribs with his bum or head pushing against my bones much to my discomfort. This morning, when I woke up, a body part (I am sure his bum) was pushing right out to the one side - hilarious! Our girl has taken to dancing along the bottom of my womb, tapping my bladder which makes me want to dash to the loo only to find I don't need it lol! I think space is becoming tighter...the next 9 weeks are going to be real interesting...

And then, I felt hiccups for the first time on Saturday while lying in the sun!! It was amazing! My belly starting flicking to the hic hic hics - lasted a few minutes. So adorable.

And then the craziest thing if all...I was doing my boob check in the shower and massaging, checking for lumps etc, and colustrum came out of my nipples!!!! How freaky. My body is preparing for milk production! It is really doing what it is supposed to do? I was so excited that I shrieked!

So, I can say the 3rd trimester appears to have started right on cue...and I am loving every minute of it, even if it is going to be the most uncomfortable experience of my life physically for the next 9 weeks...all for my babes xxx


  1. I was also incredibly swollen Cam, I literally had one pair of shoes I could wear and towards the end I had to shove them on my feet! Watch your BP with that swelling...

    Your body is doing brilliantly! Here's to the next 9 weeks and finally meeting and holding your babies in your arms.


  2. Cam how amazing is this miracle! Swollen cankles and all. So amazing too to see that your body is doing exactly what it is meant to be doing.

    I think when next we have a tea and cheesecake we may need to take a photo of the two twin bellies