Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Friday, August 19, 2011

Obgyn update...

Just got back from my 27 week Obgyn appointment.... According to her scan measurements, my Dr is a little concerned about our girl's belly measurement.  Her head and femur is measuring as it should, but her belly looks a little small and is measuring behind at about 25-26 weeks. Her doppler results are fine and shows good flow and is within the expected percentile chart and her fluid looks good.  Hopefully she is just a little slim sausage but my Dr wants to monitor her growth with more accurate off to the Fetal Assessment Clinic we go in two weeks time instead!

Our boy is doing just fine measuring well over 1kg as he was at the 4D scan. Dr H says she could also be squashed as she is lying stretched out with her brother pinning her down and this could impact on the belly measurement.  But we will see how everything looks in two weeks time. I am trying not to worry about this now!!!

I mentioned my continued heartburn and she said I must treat it as ignoring it can cause permanent damage to my oesophagus eeeek!  She said Gaviscon doesn't work and to use Rennies or Milk of Magnesia before and after eating instead. She also sent me for a blood test to check for anaemia and gestational diabetes. My next appointment is at 31 weeks (wow).  We chatted about the caeser date and she said she would prefer leaving them in until 37 weeks if all looks good.  I told her that I would trust her judgement completely in this case and it is her call - whatever is best for the babes. Of course, if there are any complications and we need to have an earlier caeser or if they come on their own earlier then so be it...they get to decide. I asked about maternity leave and she said I should plan for 32 - 33 weeks depending on how I am feeling...but it will be up to me.

She discussed the steroid issue saying that she really didn't feel it necessary to administer steroids now as I don't appear to have increased risk of preterm labour at this point.  She didn't check my cervix internally but from the belly scan it looks as if it is still 3cm so it hasn't shortened, which is just great.

Last night I went on a shopping spree at Woolies buying a fab camping cot, sheets, baby products and a whole lot of basics! And I booked my belly and newborn shoot package with an amazing photographer for 3 September when I will be just over 29 weeks - yah!

Am looking forward to spending the weekend with all the girls...6 women in the house and!


  1. Glad all is going well. Hope your LG's belly is just because she is slim. .... I will be away for a couple of weeks, so will not be able to check in but thinking of you and sending positive vibes.
    All the best !!

  2. Awesome news.....your little girl sounds like she's doing great and my bet is her brother is squashing her - typical boy :-)

    Can't wait to see the pics of your pregnancy shoot! Very exciting times ahead xxx

  3. Glad scan went well and I think you are doing the right thing not to worry too much about your girl. A good look in 2 weeks will set your mind at ease.

    Enjoy your girlie weekend with your special women. So glad you are in the club with them now!