Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

4D Scan!

Just got back from our 4D scan...was so amazing seeing our little babes close-up.  Our little girl babe was hiding away and so camera shy - she is back squashed down at the bottom facing my back showing off her we didn't get to see her little face. Here is the only shot we got which is a side view of her face. She is measuring at about 950g or so...

Our little boy however was on full show...stretched right across in a tranverse position with his bum in her face, his legs to the side!  At one point he had his arm behind his head as if he was stretching out on the beach lol! This explains the fiesty kicking on my RHS and jabbing on my LHS - it has been him all along I think. How cute is this little dude...he is growing so well and is about 1100g already!

                                         What a cute little face!

               At one point when the scan was live he grimaced at something...wonder what he tasted lol!

                                         What a chubby arm and muscles!

                                         And chubby little cheeks...and super cute chin!

                                         Legs up and chin on his chest...time for a snooze?

And I get to see them again on Friday! So awesome!


  1. That's it ... I am officially BLOWN away!!! My goodness, but your little bosses are gorgeous! ;-)

    These have to be the best images of a 4D scan that I have EVER seen!

    Golly ... it's something else, isn't it? How many times have you looked at these? ;-)

  2. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Absolutely love it! They are ADORABLE and so perfect and precious xxx

  3. Wow. This is way cool. Can't wait to get this done with my doublets (I have a long way to go though since I'm only 12w5d)!

  4. Waw, what a nice quality pictures!
    Your LO are just so precious + there is sooooo much cuteness to look at !!

  5. Nice to hear everything is going well, I loved going for my pregnancy scans it really made me feel a lot closer to my son. I still watch the videos from the scans sometimes you will really come to cherish these videos later when your children start to grow up a bit.