Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Thursday, August 18, 2011

27 Weeks

How far along? 27 weeks!

Symptoms? Oh nooooo - I have started retaining water...been a few days now of slightly puffy ankles and hands.  Had to take my wedding rings off - so wearing some replacement ones that are bigger. I also find myself waking up with a slight headache, and tight feeling in my ankles and hands.  My blood pressure however is perfect - we have a machine so tested this morning - so this is good. Rib pain now and then as they expand. Few tweaks of pain when I move in certain ways sometimes - must be ligaments still stretching. It is getting harder to bend over to put on boots, socks or to shave...going to have to start improvising! Little bit of cramping in legs but not too bad. Pinched nerve more or less gone now which is great!

Stretch marks? None yet...using tissue oil morning and night.

Weight gain? Haven't weighed myself again yet...

Sleep? Still surrounded by pillows.  Can be painful sometimes moving from side to side. Babes kick and nudge when I roll over. Have been finding it more difficult to get back to sleep after getting up to wee. I can see that my nights are going to be getting way more uncomfy as we get through the next 9 weeks!!!

Movement? Much more movement this past week. More regular nudges and kicks and rolls. Love doing belly watch when I lie still, but the babes don't always cooperate and snooze instead lol!

Best moment this week? Without a doubt - seeing the babes on the 4D scan! Amazing to see how perfect little babas they are. Now they just need to put on fat, mature their little lungs and keep developing those little brain synapses! I cannot wait to see their little faces in real life...but only when they are ready!!!

Food cravings? No specific cravings except for smoothies from Kauai!  I am building up a nice supply of sticker cards yeah! And the babes get a fruit boost!

What I am looking forward to? Going on maternity leave!!!! 5 More weeks of work if all goes well...but am planning on having all work done hopefully by end of this month in case - this is scary as I have loads to do.  I may need to go off a week or two earlier...Will also discuss this with my Dr at tomorrow's appointment.

Milestones? Reaching 27 weeks! Having our 4D Scan!

Emotions? Since the Full Moon last Saturday, I have felt a renewed sense of peace about my pregnancy with a growing belief that all will be well. Every day, I get a stronger sense of our babies as a reality...they will be here soon for real. Only 9 weeks to wait at the most after so many years of lost hope. It has taken me longer to reach acceptance that this miracle is happening...but I am getting there now.

General... Shopping update: Have done lists of all the stuff we still need to get and am planning a big shop for next weekend for all the rest of the hardware and the following weekend after my work baby shower to fill in all the gaps!  Then I am packing my hospital bag and the babies bag and will start to do all the washing and organising of all their newborn things. So by 30 weeks all will be done!! I have only bought one bag of new baby nappies lol - so better stock up on those too! I have decided to use disposables for the first month or so and then will buy the eco-bum cloth nappy system. Am going to order 2 Snuza monitors today online as they offer a special price for twins. Yesterday to celebrate the 4D scan, I bought two Baby Bjorn slings - a bright pink one for her and a bright red one for him - hope they going to love going walkies with mum and dad in their uber cool slings!

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